Mold Inspections

Our Mold & Toxic Mold Inspection/Investigation and mold testing is designed to help our clients discover, document, and understand mold-related issues through professional investigation, mold & toxic mold testing and analysis methods in conjunction with proven sampling strategies, i.e.; microscopic vs culturable analysis (including, but not limited to visual, culturable & non-culturable air sampling, surface sampling and tape lift sampling).

This mold & toxic mold inspection, mold or clearance testing and analysis must be accomplished with an effective chain of custody, meeting outlined and proven transport requirements, and in the end all findings must be reported to the client in a professional manner. I only utilize the results of building material moisture surveys, boroscopic examination (if necessary) of wall cavities, and laboratory results to fully define a mold problem.

Goals of our mold investigation are to:
  • Determine if there is a mold or toxic mold infestation problem
  • Determine the cause of the mold or toxic mold infestation problem
  • Determine the extent of the mold or toxic mold infestation problem
Types of mold testing include:
  • Air Testing using Air Cassettes
  • Wall Check Cassettes
  • Carpet Check Cassettes
  • Bulk, Swab & Wipe Samples
  • Tape Lift Samples
  • "PRV" Clearance Assessment & Testing
All mold & toxic mold tests and samples are sent to an accredited laboratory to perform an analysis and most results are available to the client within 48 - 72 hours.

All inspections/investigations are in accordance with the standards set by the “EAA” Environmental Assessment Association, the “ESA” Environmental Solutions Association, the Indoor Air Quality Association, NACHI, and FREA.

Nachi Certified CHI certified FREA CRREI asbestos ESA USA homes Inspector